The miles of rugged coastline of British Columbia, Washington State, Alaska allow for countless possibilities for commerce and industry as well as play and enjoyment. One of the biggest challenges of the area’s unique landscape is accessing the waterfront and utilizing marine infrastructure while protecting environmentally sensitive ecosystems. Floating Pontoons have been succesfully deployed on the B.C. Coast in Port Alberni, in Sitka, Alaska and most recently, the Tiwi Islands off the coast of Australia.



Sections T & U being installed as a floating breakwater/dock in Port Alberni


Seagate Pontoons is offering for sale refurbished floating concrete pontoons that are structurally sound and in excellent condition.

finished pontoon

Example of refurbished pontoon

Versatile Marine Infrastructure

The pontoons represent versatile marine infrastructure that can be implemented in a broad range of applications including:

Piers – The pontoons:

Breakwaters – The pontoons:

Floating Platforms – The pontoons can: